Christmas is Close!

Hello Mid-December! Well, almost...

OK folks, two weeks from today is Christmas. That magical time of the year, when moms and dads all across the country wish they really did have a magic wand to get all the decorations up, do the baking, shop and wrap the gifts, clean the house, and "ta-da!" ... grace the kitchen table with a beautiful turkey meal besides. As crazy as it all can be, I try to keep in mind that two weeks from tomorrow, it will all be over, and what didn't get done, probably won't matter, and besides, if we focus on the real meaning of Christmas, the rest is bonus! So forget the wand and pour yourself a glass of eggnog or something bubbly and enjoy the season!

OK, and now for a little Bonnie Mohr Studio housekeeping:

  1. Thank you to all who stopped for our December Open House event! It was a great weekend!
    2. Due to volume (in this case, a good thing!) all orders for framed artwork need to be in by this Friday, in order to make Christmas delivery!
    3. If you did not receive your new catalog in the mail, and would like one, please click here and fill out the quick and easy online form, and we will send one today.
    4. If you are a last minute shopper (join the group!), it is perfectly can shop from the comfort of your home, and go online and print out a Gift Certificate from Bonnie Mohr Studio right up until Christmas morning, and have it in your hand in less than one minute. Yes! You can print it right off your computer.
    5.The question has been asked, "What is a canvas wrap?" The two new Peony giclees, come as a canvas wrap, meaning, the image completely wraps around the side edges. You can hang it up on the wall, without a frame, as the edges bare the image. You may also choose to put a frame on it - either way works.

Enjoy the day!  Thanks for reading....