Catching up!

In the mid-stretch of winter, we start to see the days getting longer, and we start longing for the warm days of spring ahead. As my mind tries to sneak ahead of the calendar, I remember all the 'winter projects' that still need my attention. This past week has kept me occupied with several big projects that are on the JANUARY TO-DO list. Tuesday was a huge day of excitement for over 45 children of Holy Family Catholic School. I, and about 12 other parents and teachers, assisted the folks from Clay Coyote Pottery with helping the children make clay projects! The talent these little people have is marvelous, and this project time gave them the chance to show it... this week the kids will be glazing their projects and then one final trip to the kiln. Their clay projects will be sold at the school's upcoming Winter Carnival. Also is the completion of my painting efforts in the -boys room. Their squeals of joy were praise enough for me, and I would guess this will be a life-lasting impression in their hearts as they grow older and remember when "mom painted their walls". Looks pretty awesome if I do say so!! This week is filled with many activities of our children, and with much work to be done yet before Winter Carnival, it looks glim that I will get into the studio........soon, soon. Thanks for reading, have a wonderful week,