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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

Busy Days of Summer

Steamy and Hot! These are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES here in Minnesota! Record temps and high humidity have the corn growing like crazy, the pools are filled of kids, and everyone is getting a wonderful dose of summer! The months are passing me by like I was standing still. August is now on the calendar and there are still 'mountains to be moved' before the MN State Fair and the start of school. So, I guess I better type faster, paint quicker and get up earlier, and I'm sure it will all work out just fine!! My days are filled with lots of motherhood, wifehood, and artist hood. Working on the dreaded financial aide for my college daughter -working on college shopping for the next daughter -working  on Senior graduation pictures
-watering, watering, watering..... -working on buying a laptop and career planning for the daughter after that -working on 'gun training' for our 'almost 12 year old' son - trying to teach the 9 year old son that doing your chores is mandatory, not a choice - getting ready to make pickles and salsa

- setting up the soft side pool that I bought from Karen for $40 (Want to be a hero - buy your kids a pool!) - getting ready for the county fair..lots of untrained cattle waiting to be halter broken! - watering, watering, watering..endless watering - trying to paint - and not getting to it lately!
All the jars are washed up and ready to go!

This is definitely a 'win-win' situation....we get the corn, the cows get the peels.

-peeling and eating lots of sweet corn -running to the cities to do color proofing for new art, scheduled for this fall -finishing 'back to school' shopping for the kids - delivering water jugs out to husband John, as he fixes everything that keeps breaking - airport run to pick up our new trainee 'Bennie' from Germany!! -etc., etc. I'm hoping to post pictures on my next blog of the newest painting coming soon! Please be sure to check out our monthly special for August -buy any 4 packages of note or Christmas Cards and get a 5th pack free!! I know, I know..this would be crazy to think about stocking up now for your Christmas card needs - but remember, early bird gets the worm!! Stay posted - I promise to post sooner the next time. Stay cool - drink lots of something to stay hydrated. Stay on the right path friends - there's too much junk and noise in this world! Thanks for reading! - Bonnie