Anticipating 2022

There are certain things in life that will happen, whether you are ready or not. One of them is a new year. Time waits for no one, and that is true of the beginning of every new year. How many January 1st have you experienced? Sometimes feeling sure and prepared, and sometimes filled with worry or apprehension? Undoubtedly, the Covid crisis of the past two years has affected everyone in one way or another, and now plays a role, in-part, on how we look at things, and feel about the way we live life.


Today, I invite you to live life like a hero, regardless of your circumstances or world realities. To triumph into 2022 with anticipation that is going to be your best year ever, and seek it out with full expectation to be everything you want it to be. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING comes to my mind (also one of my most popular cow pieces of art) and how the power of the mind to stay focused on the things you really want out of life is crucial, rather than settling for what happens or worse yet – believing in the victim mentality. Setting your mind on a list of the things you want to become your reality, and then working hard to make those things true.


There are so many good things in this world, despite the depressing and corrupt daily news reports – and that is a wonderful place to focus your time and energy. Being and becoming the best version of yourself will ultimately play the biggest role in living the life you want for yourself!


As you dig into January 2022, and begin to fill the pages of your new daily planner, protect your mind and body with good, wholesome, healthy things that will elevate you to the happy place you long for. I leave you with an uplifting website and person, Mathew Kelly, who is a part of my morning routine, with his short, inspirational, common-sense messages each morning! You can find his daily ‘lift’ here.

Blessings for a joy filled, satisfying, year of growth and accomplishment in 2022!