A Year in Review: 2017

And away we go...2018 is official off the blocks and underway!  While 2017 was jam packed with more adventure and fun than I could have ever planned on...I am ready for a new year and a new beginning!  Once I get the tree down, holiday 2017 will be tucked away again for the next 11 months, and my focus will be all the new paintings and events to come in this new year! 

Without doubt, the completion of the renovation of Bonnie Mohr Studio this past year was a highlight!  My visions of turning the shop into a newly updated space, with a gallery-like feel, and welcoming rural American spirit became reality.  January - July were spent planning and executing a full fledged renovation of the studio house, showroom and warehouse areas.  The new Originals Gallery was definitely a dream come true, and a wonderful addition to the shop.  A year ago today, we were just beginning...throughout the 6 months that followed, EVERYTHING got moved out and then moved back in again.  We pushed, shoved, condensed, threw out, stacked and organized everything in the back of the warehouse, and out the door, to begin the project of tearing out, knocking down, opening up, building, rewiring, painting, and creating our new vision of Bonnie Mohr Studio.  In the months that followed we hosted a Christmas in July Sale,

Attended World Dairy Expo

Celebrated with a Grand Re-Opening

And December Open House

On the social side, we graduated Taylor from college and helped her move to downtown Minneapolis

Graduated Jacob from high school & had a party

Helped Amanda move back to Texas

Hired Kate to work Fulltime at Bonnie Mohr Studio

And got to watch Zach play varsity Football as a Sophomore

We threw a worker's party for the completion of the studio

And snuck in a quick trip to Boston!

Our family continues to grow and change, as does the studio and life around the farm!  We look forward to many new adventures ahead in 2018, and exciting new artwork to fill your hearts and homes with joy and love. 

Finally, I just thought I would review my 2017 New Year's Resolutions accountability report with  you...these were my five resolutions one year ago:

Make at least one turkey every month. 

I managed to make 5...not too bad I guess!

Wash my face and brush my teeth before 8 pm. So it doesn't become a 'skip night'.

Success!  I probably only missed 10 nights of 'skipping' all year long ; )   Yeah!

Drink more water and wine. 

Highly successful!  I did this well ;)


Minimal success

Start a JOYFUL JOURNEY Journal

This did not happen.  I stink at journaling...

As the sun sets on this cold winter January evening...

We wish you all the best and a blessed beginning to the New Year - stay tuned for all the excitement to come this year from Bonnie Mohr Studio!

With Love,