A Time to Give

Can someone tell me...is February by chance National Donations Month?  Bonnie Mohr Studio has been inundated with calls, emails and letters to give, give, give! 

If you haven't met Laura, you will talk with either her or Kate, on the job answering our phones!!

First of all, I just want to say that it is wonderful that so many people care so much about so many other people, and the fundraising efforts that go on this time each year is amazing!  My gestures of giving this month have included one pint of blood to the American Red Cross, a $50 pledge per month for one year to Relevant Radio Catholic Talk Programming radio station, monetary contributions to the local fire departments, Habitat for Humanity and After Prom Committee, and a million prints to everyone who has advocated a 'good cause'. 

It is wonderful to be able to help ; )  'Giving' gives us a chance to feel good about ourselves - to lend a hand and be a part of a bigger cause that will help someone else.

Living Life continues to be the number one pick for people who are fundraising!

I thank God every day for the beautiful life He has blessed me with and that I am given the opportunity to serve Him, by doing my small part in helping the world be a better place.  In 'times' that seem so self centered and self gratifying, and where a kind of "if it feels good do it" tone, have seemingly taken over, I find it comforting that good old fashioned volunteering efforts through fund raising for others still exists, and I am happy to be a part of it!  So, a big THANK YOU to everyone who gets up early, stays up late, and puts in extra time on the weekends to help raise money for good people and causes who really need it ;) 

Although you haven't seen a lot of new artwork emerging from me so far in 2018, rest assured I am not sitting on the couch watching soaps!  (Are they still on TV by the way?)  I am on the home stretch of finishing 3 paintings for the American Jersey Cattle Association   here is a peek!

I know that isn't much, but I can not divulge much at this time...and I thought seeing this is better than nothing!!  Stay posted though, the unveiling of these 3 paintings will be coming in the next few months!  Prints will be available this summer at their National Convention and International World Jersey Bureau Conference in Canton OH, June 27-30.

A few fun family notes:  I hosted a team meal for Zach and his basketball team mates this last week!  Let's just say they are calling me the "Tator-Tot Hotdish Bestro Mom" (I will take that as a compliment!)

Also....big news, our family will be growing soon!  No - I am not having a baby!  Our oldest daughter Amanda will be getting married this May!  She is currently living and working in Holiday, TX and that is where she met her fiancé Jacob!  We are so happy for them and share our joyful news...best part, we have a travel destination!  We will be heading there this week for a few days of R & R and a little wedding planning of course!  Stay tuned for pics from Texas!

Gotta run...love to all

Bonnie (or you can call me Hotdish for short! LOL)