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the studio will be closed on Monday, may 27 - in observance of memorial day

A Successful First Open House!

What a weekend! Thank you everyone for turning out for our first Open House weekend! Great fun, a great crowd, great cookies, and of course, great shopping!! If there is one thing we ladies can do, and do well, it is SHOP! Fellas, I'd have to admit, you did well yourselves. Overcast skies held out, but the magic of the holidays seemed to be in the air. Perhaps the Christmas CD music had something to do with it. We got so busy, the shuffling CD player got no attention all weekend, except to get turned on and off at the beginning and end of each day. Yes, we listened to the same 5 CDs play for 4 days....I know every single song, and which ones I love and which ones I can't stand anymore ;) We will reshuffle the shop now, get organized, restocked and be ready for our next big Open House event Nov.29-Dec.2........HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! From all of us at Bonnie Mohr Studio - Happy November and blessings to the beginning of a wonderful Holiday Season! Bonnie, Lana, Karen, Alyssa, Tami, Nancie, Jayne, John, and Becky

Some wonderful ladies enjoying Open House!

Becky's Delightful Holiday Cookies