A New Water Feature At The Studio/Farm

... TAAA DAAA ... we did it. Last Saturday was a huge success in the landscaping department! Thanks to two of our wonderful neighbors, Kathy and Bill, we completed a beautiful new water feature at the end of the driveway, on the site of our "soon to be" new farm sign. Ahhhhh, the sound of running water, it is just so neat, I sort of feel like I'm at the lake, right in my own yard. Stop by and take a look sometime. Kids are doing great in school, the staff is busy preparing for World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI , October 2-6), the rest of our 4th crop hay is trying to get put up (just got 1 1/2 in. of rain on it - at least we know it's clean!!) and we're decorating up for fall (so things look nice for the Open House in October!) Enjoy these beautiful days, open a jug of apple cider, and bake yourself a Pumpkin Pie (even if its a bought and frozen one - they are good too!) Thanks for reading