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A New Look

Life is fluid, constantly changing! Some days, just when you think you have things figured out - it changes!! Change can be good, bad, exciting, boring, life-changing, or have no impact on you whatsoever.....this blog will inform you of change, which for the most part will have absolutely no impact on you at all : ) In the big scheme of life, it is a simple change, but for me personally, it's yet another blip of growth on my career curve. Along with some newness being introduced into my subject matter, and a soon to come new website, I am introducing a new look to my painted signature (which you will begin to see on my original oil paintings!) I guess there comes a time in life when you really look at everything about yourself - the way you dress, your hair style, the car you drive, and for me, the look, design and feel of my painted signature! When I reflect back to who I was 25 years ago, and who, what, and where I am today, there is a boatload of change - and so I have felt the inspiration and calling to redesign my "mark," if you will! I would call it a bit more "painterly" and a little more edgy (maybe?) The bottom line - I do like it very much and perhaps will continue to tweak it as I go. The summer days of August continue to fleet by - we continue to prepare for the Art Crawl, MN State Fair, and World Dairy Expo. Complete details of all three events are on our website if you would like more information. As you prepare to pack up your son or daughter for college, consider a Bonnie Mohr print for their college dormitory wall : ) Wishing you a beautiful day, with enough time to take a country walk, sit on the porch with your favorite book, or throw your line back into the water before summer is over! Thanks for reading.... Bonnie