About Bonnie Mohr

About Bonnie Mohr

From her peaceful, rural American paintings to her poetic and inspirational images she creates, the artwork of Bonnie Mohr "speaks for itself." With a passion for living life to the fullest and a love for the country life that surrounds her, Bonnie’s oil paintings, steeped in rich earthy colors and a charming "realism style," are a true reflection of this artist's heart.

It is from her second floor farmhouse studio, at the wee hours of most mornings, that Bonnie creates these labors of love; inspired from her earlier childhood years and revealing tributes of her full life today as a dairy farmer wife and mother of five. It is from these life experiences that she paints who she is, and what she lives – engaging and inspiring her audience, capturing the genuine beauty of everyday life and reminding us to savor the "now."

Born the second oldest of eight children to a dairy farm family, Bonnie grew up in the heart of rural America, and learned about hard work and responsibility of country living. From a young age on, family, togetherness and the joys of each day are what shaped life and her journey ahead. Daily routines like barn chores, the tender care of helping grow a garden or deliver a new born calf, are just some of the unspoken rituals that Bonnie and her husband, John, have now taught their own children, and these same life lessons are what sparked passion in Bonnie's mission to inspire the world through her artwork.

Beginning her "career on canvas" in 1988, when western and wildlife artwork crazed the country, Bonnie was true to herself and her audience and it was cows that she especially loved and began to paint. So well in fact, that her attention and accuracy to anatomy, bone structure and composition quickly earned her the reputation of becoming America’s most loved and acclaimed bovine artist. Her art has since matured and developed, from capturing cows and rural, American country scenes to creating and writing poetic, inspirational paintings that tug at your heartstrings and leave you feeling full. Her voice continues to pour out of her art, reminding you to stop, take a deep breath, and smell the fresh cut grass each spring, take in the horizon of a morning sunrise, embrace the beautiful essence of a quiet country road, or to enjoy the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet — to fully live the gift of today.

In November of 1997, Bonnie opened her art studio to the public, which is located on the Mohr family dairy farm near Glencoe, Minnesota. Here, she exhibits and sells her original paintings, lithographic prints, giclèes, mini-prints, note cards, and Christmas cards, and welcomes guests, family, and friends to mill about the gallery, enjoy the friendly company of Bonnie and her staff, and delight in a steaming cup of coffee (or two).

Bonnie continues to grow in her artistic journey with a profound appreciation for the blessings in life. With an open mind and an open heart, she embraces her God-given skill, creating artwork that is a testimony of her own character. Thank you for sharing in the artwork of Bonnie Mohr, celebrating the things in this world that are forever good, and promise to fill you with comfort and happiness, leaving you with an uncomplicated joy and peacefulness in your heart, to simply cherish today.

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Things she loves:

  • early mornings
  • melted ice cream
  • being involved in her kids lives
  • the second helping of Cheerios
  • Church on Sunday morning
  • fresh produce from the garden
  • Bon Jovi
  • good color combinations
  • Autumn
  • giving the perfect gift
  • seeing the first Robin in spring
  • Red Velvet Cake

her Interests:

  • antiquing
  • going for walks
  • hosting parties
  • touring wineries
  • making salsa & pickles
  • being with family
  • painting (of course)
  • learning new things
  • people watching
  • perennial gardens
  • horseback riding
  • almost anything Rural America

her Favorites:

  • milk chocolate
  • Caribou Coffee
  • every shade of blue
  • Peonies
  • September
  • Ciati's Italian Restaurant
  • Thursday nights
  • the perfect pair of shoes
  • 3 year olds
  • William Adolphe Bourguereau
  • Red Seedling Wine
  • Manchego Cheese

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