Glossary/Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever wondered what signed and numbered, artist proof, open edition, limited edition, giclee, dry mounting, acid free matting and other art terms mean? Here, artist Bonnie Mohr explains!

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What is the difference between a Signed & Numbered Limited Edition (S/N) and Artist Proof (A/P)?

Signed / Numbered Limited Edition Print (S/N) means that a set number of prints have been reproduced off an original. The artist signs and numbers the prints, usually on the lower left and/or right area of the print. If you have number 42 of an edition of 1000, the number looks like this — 42/1000. Artist proofs are a tradition in printmaking and are generally limited to 10% or less of the regular edition size. These prints are the first ones off the press and made outside of regular limited edition and are signed and numbered as an AP … 42/100 Artist Proof. They are considered to be more valuable and more of a collector item because there are fewer available. Quality between the regular edition and the AP is equal. The differences are the “AP” designation and that they have a lower-number edition.

What is an Original?

An 'original' is the actual creation of something by someone, in this case, it is the oil paintings that you will see on this website produced by artist Bonnie Mohr. There is only one original of each painting, and that is the painting itself, making it unique, rare, and it will command a significantly higher price than any of it’s reproductions. The original has it's own value, along with copyright value, and therefore, a combined value of the two. An original can be purchased as an investment, just like land or precious metals or stocks. Bonnie believes, however, that most desirable grounds for purchasing an original oil painting is simply because you love it!

What is an Open Edition?

This is not limited to a specific edition size and may be reproduced more than once. It may also be hand signed by the artist and would be designated as such.

What is an Edition Size?

All prints are done in specified edition sizes. Determined by the publisher and/or artist.

What is a Giclee?

A Giclee (pronounced Gee-Clay) print is a piece of artwork reproduced on canvas or paper by using a high quality digital ink printer. Extremely fine droplets of ink are sprayed on the chosen surface. The finished product has a look and texture quite like an artist’s original painting which is why canvas giclees are framed without glass. This high tech process and extremely high quality reproduction, combined with the fact that there are a low number of reproductions in the edition, account for a higher value than other paper lithographic limited edition prints. Canvas Giclees are reproduced using the best printing and technology available today, and are the most comparable to the look and feel of an original.  Printed on acid free poly cotton blend matte canvas, and Signed and Numbered by Bonnie, you will be highly pleased with the outstanding color and texture of a canvas giclee. Paper Giclees are reproduced on the highest quality acid-free archival giclee paper with lightfast ink to ensure longevity of this artform.  All paper giclees are signed and numbered by Bonnie. For lifelong protection and 100% “flat forever” appearance ask your framer about dry mounting, a pressurized seal that adheres your print to an acid-free foamcore board permanently. This process alleviates any wrinkling or warping with humidity or weather changes. This is not a laminate or anything that will cover the surface of your print. It is relatively inexpensive and well worth the extra cost. Usually not done on limited edition print, but something to enhance longevity of an open edition print or poster.

What about Acid-Free Matting?

Also ask your framer about acid-free matting to ensure that your print won’t fade, yellow, or discolor, once it is framed.

Can I order your art framed?

Yes, you can! We now offer framed giclees and framed lithoprints right here in our online store. We also have a selection of them at the studio and shows such as the Minnesota State Fair and World Dairy Expo.

What is acrylic Image?

An acrylic image is the contemporary alternative to a canvas print.  Acrylic prints are textured with an acrylic finish that gives the appearance of an oil painting on canvas.  The finish gives better UV protection than standard glass.

What is a Decorator Print?

Decorator Prints are value priced, of very high quality and have a proven track record to sell!  Most come in standard sizes for easy framing and excellent price points to help fit all budgets.

What is Fine Art Litho?

Fine Art Litho Prints are for the customers who seek a higher quality level of art.  Produced on acid free paper, with lightfast ink, and personnally signed and numbered by Bonnie, these are collectible and have a higher value.