The Beautiful Cow - Verse Only

  by Bonnie Mohr

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After many requests for the 'verse only' version of THE BEAUTIFUL COW is now available as an 8 x 10, verse only version. It's words will move your heart and bring you home to where your heart is with why 'the cow' has played a major role of influence in our lives. It is a 'non-denominational' verse, with no particular breed mentioned! Perfect to hang next to any of your favorite cow portraits, prints, or just as a great accent piece on any wall or on any coffee table.


The most noble of creatures, she is referred to as the “life-giver” of all.

She is the foundation on which we raise our family, a cornerstone on

which we make our living, and the very center of our lives.

We marvel at this unpretentious and extraordinary animal. Her 

credentials are the benchmark of animal productivity. She has touched

our hearts and influenced our lives by her mere existence. She is the

incredibly awesome Holstein cow. We have enjoyed her beauty and 

celebrated her presence since the beginning of time – in our culture,

religion, literature and arts. Cows respond to our behavior and bare our

own reflection by the way they look and the spirit of their moo. They 

are placid…pure and truthful in every sense. Large—but gentle,

docile, curious; cows are casual and amorous in the same moment.

Despite her size and mass, she is a goddess of sorts.

Cows add ambiance to our pastures, our barns, and our lives. The cow

is our bread and butter, our social connections, a blueprint for living,

and the backbone of our prosperity. They respond to our beckon call, 

with comfortable ease. They will lick you, themselves, or their neighbor 

--who knows why. They like music while milking, green pastures for

grazing, and a good hardy brush from nose to tail. We show our

cows…we milk them…we chase them. We judge our cows and

we score them. We love to brag about our cows, but mostly we just love

them. These are the reasons we embrace long hours, low milk prices,

and the hard work! When the sun is setting, and our bodies are aching

We feel blessed, satisfied, and happy. In a world of so much change, cows remain a good

thing…taking little and giving much. They are a gentle reminder that it

is usually the simple things in life that radiate the most love and joy.

Cows will come and they will go, but their influence and memories

remain. On our minds and in our hearts, they have profoundly changed

the well being of humanity and our world forever.

We are blessed by the awesome, beautiful Holstein cow.

-    By Bonnie Mohr

The Beautiful Cow Verse © Bonnie Mohr Studio. All rights reserved. Verse may not be reproduced in any form without permission from Bonnie Mohr Studio.

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