All God’s Creatures

  by Bonnie Mohr

This print is 1 of 8 prints Bonnie painted for her book Once There Were No Cows.  You can see the book here.

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Litho Open Edition Signed 12 x 16   $35.00
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Once There Were No Cows Book

Once There Were No Cows is about the journey of a lifetime, how it all began - and why God Created the Cow! This children’s book is a celebration and tribute to dairy farmers and the lifestyle they live. It is a reflection of my own journey too, growing up a dairy farmer’s daughter, marrying a dairy farmer, and now raising our family on our own dairy farm. In this delightful retelling of the Creation story, Once There Were No Cows takes us back to when the Creator’s hand formed the earth and all therein. Yet, even with all that was gifted to the world, there was something missing. There needed to be an animal to help celebrate and support the bond of family and be a foundation for all mankind. This is the inspirational story of how God came to create the most beautiful and majestic creature – the cow! Both children and adults alike will enjoy this hard cover, 32 page book, filled with 16 oil paintings about the beginning of time and God’s creation of the cow.


Available prints from the book

The prints below were painted by Bonnie exclusively for the book and appear in the book. They are available as individual prints as well.


This breath taking artwork features God and all of his animals in a beautiful landscape with blue sky, green grass, and trees by artist Bonnie Mohr. God is featured with his animals; dog, cat, horse, duck, giraffe, wolf, rhino, and so many more. View additional animal artwork by Bonnie Mohr.

A personal note from Bonnie: Well, I would say - this was the most detailed and challenging painting of the book, ONCE THERE WERE NO COWS. It was my first attempt to paint 'God', not only to create Him to resemble a real human being, but also to create my vision of Him. I believe that He is all loving, kind, and caring - so I guess my rendition somewhat resembles a cross of Santa Claus and the most wonderful grandpa you could ever have! I love the warmth and tenderness of his face, especially his eyes. The eyes tell it all! This was a fun grouping of animals to paint - lots of detail - I was happy when I finished this piece!

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