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Thanks for the Note!

I am filled with gratitude when I receive a hand written note, card, or email from people whos lives I've touched with my art. It is this encouragement that inspires and energizes me to continue growing in my art career. It brings deep meaning to my work - thank you for that!

I encourage you to BE THE CHANGE: To speak a few positive words to someone who needs a lift, to say thank you to the person who has loved, supported or protected you in a special way....to be the positive role model where and when you can! Live in the moment - celebrate life!
Thank you for sharing in my journey of creating artwork that fills your hearts, lives and homes.....

With Kind and Warm regards,


Dear Bonnie:

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your artwork on the Eastern Farm magazine. I lived on a dairy farm and chicken farm in Indiana when I was young. Your artwork brings me home again. A lot of times I cut out your artwork and fram them and put them in my country kitchen. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with me.

Dear Bonnie:

Thank you so much for allowing our "Chick Day" ladies to stop at your studio. As always, you and your staff were very gracious. And for a lot of the ladies it was the highlight of the two days.

Dear Bonnie:

Our names are Ron and Adelle, and our son Ben was tragically killed at Animals of Montana on 11-04-12 in a grizzly bear attack. We have recently been going through his possessions and came across a post card, prints, calendars, photos, etc. One of the things we have is an e-mail — his last e-mail — the morning of his death, four hours before. Ben sent an e-mail to his friend. The words he wrote were the words of your "Living Life." We are expressing thanks for those words. He read them and valued them enough to pass on to a friend. Ben was one of nine children, so as you can imagine there is a lot of grieving going on. We are living one moment at a time. Thank you for using your talents to inspire people around the world.

Dear Bonnie:

I love your art, and have always found great inspiration in your beautiful work.


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