March 2nd, 2016
WOW! We had over 200 submissions to our 3rd annual I DO giveaway.  As a THANK YOU  to all who entered our contest please enjoy FREE personalization on all "I DO" prints (A $10 VALUE!) valid 3/2 - 3/5.  No code needed, simply select the I DO style & size of your choice, then select "Personalize "I Do" with handwritten names and a date:" choose, "Yes personalize I DO".  The $10 will be deducted in cart... SHOP NOW>> CLICK HERE... Read More
February 24th, 2016
A lot of exciting things start happening this time of year....the days are becoming noticeably longer (Yeah!), tax season is in full swing (Oh joy!), but  leading the list for me is wedding season (Exciting!) - maybe because we just married our daughter or maybe because there is so much joy and happiness centered around this blissful event, we at Bonnie Mohr Studio would like to celebrate too! This is our 3rd year of honoring a lucky... Read More
February 17th, 2016
Buddies by Bonnie Mohr Things are warming up here in MN this week! We are in the 30's today and going to hit almost 50 by the weekend - this is big news for February in MN! We are loving it - it will be a mini taste of spring. Today is perfect snowman making weather - and so I share one of my all time favorite paintings "Buddies"! I created this painting about 10 years ago, on a day like today when Zach and I were out playing in the... Read More
January 27th, 2016
CHECK, CHECK, CHECK.....IT'S WEDDING WEEK!   Wedding bliss is in the air at the Mohr household!! The wedding is just 3 days away now!! I'm not sure who is more excited....Kate or me!! I'm feeling so attached to all these wedding preparations I've almost started to think I am the one getting married - LOL! My eyeballs popped open at 4:30 AM this morning despite my yearning for just a little more sleep, my brain said GO! The checklist is... Read More
January 20th, 2016
Featured Image: I Do by Bonnie Mohr Ten days from today - our family will gather at the church, in a circle of love, to witness and celebrate our first family wedding! Daughter Kate will be wed to Jeff, a wonderful young man (and beef farmer!) and they will begin their new life together ; )  It occurred to me this morning, how the children we have raised, continue to shape our lives.  The good times and the challenging ones, the... Read More
January 13th, 2016
Our Minnesota winter has arrived! After a unseasonably warm beginning to winter, our zero degree temps have finally arrive, and just in the nick of time according to my boys. They have been ready to go ice fishing for 3 months already - and the balmy December temps were NOT in good order with them or any other ice-fishing folks! These are the temperatures in which our 'expecting moms' also get extra care and are on close surveillance.... Read More
November 18th, 2015
We are ready FOR OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!  The packing boxes are stacked to the ceiling, the tape guns are loaded, and the shelves are stocked with the perfect prints and cards for all your gift giving this holiday season!  This Friday, shop Bonnie Mohr Studio for anything and everything your heart desires and receive 25% off! That's right, for 24 hours, or 1440 will receive 25% off your entire order - no codes, no... Read More