Life Inspires Me!

April 6th, 2016
Back to painting time for me ;) YEAH! After all the hoopla of a very exciting, event filled new year, I am finally settled back into my painting chair, where I feel  a great passion and love in my life. There is a 'wholeness' that resonates with my inner self that I can't explain - but it is that kind of feeling like when you are talking to someone on the phone, and even though you can't see them on the other end, you know they are... Read More
March 16th, 2016
Yesterday was National Ag Day! This week's blog is dedicated to the people who turn the soil and produce the food we eat - the American farmer! While only 2% of the US population lives on a farm, they own and operate 2.2 million farms across America - this is only 15% of the US population (21 million people) producing our nation's food and fiber!  Cheers to farmers who make it possible to enjoy hamburgers on the grill, milk with our... Read More
March 9th, 2016
You're not going to believe this! On my return walk to the house this morning, from the studio - I SAW MY FIRST SPRING ROBIN! This is a record - March 9th!! Seeing the first robins of the spring put a delight in my heart like nothing else. I looked further into the backyard and saw a whole flock of them, ran to the house to get my camera and snapped this awesome picture just an hour ago ; )  Life really is about the little things for... Read More
February 3rd, 2016
January 30th, 2016 was the perfect day for a wedding! We celebrated a warm 40 degree winter day with the marriage of our daughter Kate and her new husband Jeff!  There really are no words to describe all the emotions that you experience on the wedding day of one of your children, but let me try. It was beautiful, happy, tear-filled, God Blessed, magical, breath taking, joyous, exciting, and very emotionally! IT WAS PERFECT!! I remember... Read More
October 14th, 2015
The country side and beauty of rural America hits a premium this time of year. I just couldn't resist sharing a snap of our girls out on pasture the other day.  Our cows enjoy 'pasture therapy' each day from around 11am - 3 pm, our version of stomp-drop-roll, run, play, bully and snort away, and release all the tension of their 2x a day milking job! We encourage our cows to work out their problems on pasture, enjoy the sunshine, and... Read More
May 21st, 2015
Memorial Day weekend is upon us - the official kick-off "camping and grilling weekend" and start to summer! Growing up, camping was not a high priority or 'dreamed about' event for many farm families, including us. I guess that living in the great outdoors every day, living a more peaceful country lifestyle where fresh open air spaces are in high abundance (plus other various farm smells ;) and maybe having a campfire in our own back... Read More
December 31st, 2013
It is a snowy, sub-zero day here in Minnesota as I write my last blog for 2013! I am "near speechless" at the speed which this year has zoomed by. Although it seems traditional to reflect on all the year's accomplishments and happenings, my mind wants to fast forward and ponder all that is to come in the new year. The possibilities of 2014 are exciting and bring a smile to my face. With a new website and catalog in place, a great staff... Read More
August 7th, 2013
Life is fluid, constantly changing! Some days, just when you think you have things figured out – it changes!! Change can be good, bad, exciting, boring, life-changing, or have no impact on you whatsoever.....this blog will inform you of change, which for the most part will have absolutely no impact on you at all : ) In the big scheme of life, it is a simple change, but for me personally, it's yet another blip of growth on my career... Read More
July 10th, 2013
Things are hot, the crops and gardens are growing, and vacations are happening – IT’S SUMMER! I just got back from a short trip out east – what a lovely state Pennsylvania is, and how fun to be in the east over the 4th of July! Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Valley Forge, and Lancaster County were a few of my stops. I spent my 4th of July at Penn State in State College, and now I know why they are ranked third in the country... Read More
February 27th, 2013
Painful. There’s really no better word to describe life in my studio the last couple of weeks. After spending January watching painting videos, making 11 painting charts, and doing a fair amount of reading and studying art technique, my course of lately has been to use these new things to break out of my normal painting routine, and try to refresh my style — become more "painterly" (love that word). After 20 some years of painting "... Read More
February 12th, 2013
Don’t you love it, when what should have been a 2-day project turns into a 2-week event!?  This has been my story for the past two weeks in regards to trying to finish up the new painting I’ve been working on — the companion piece to BIG PLANS which I blogged about last week – the COMING SOON one!  This should have been a fairly simple piece to do, and after blocking the painting in, mostly in one day, I felt confident that there would... Read More
February 9th, 2013
Happy February – the winter is passing – yeah!  Meanwhile, I am happy to be inside a warm and cozy studio – painting!  Almost finished is a painting that I have been wanting to do for some time -  It is the companion piece to "Big Plans" - which features a little boy and his calf. This painting is of a girl and her calf.   I have a little tweaking to do before it is "officially" finished, so watch for its arrival in the next few months... Read More
February 1st, 2013
Along with the new year, comes the desire to learn something new about art and painting technique. While the guys were gone for a couple of days last week ice fishing, I dug out some tutorial videos that I’d purchased a few years ago. They were still shrink-wrapped in the original packaging!! For two days, I went to school in my basement watching my own long and forgotten videos. I was mesmerized by the things I learned and astonished... Read More
January 29th, 2013
Well, we endured the block of subzero temperatures last week here in rural Minnesota and are enjoying more mild temps this week! What else should we expect from January though, as it’s usually the coldest month of the year.  It seems that the bustling pace from the holidays has carried right through the month of January -  we are busy, busy, busy at the Studio, working and brainstorming and creating new things...2013 is going to be... Read More
January 19th, 2013
Arnie This is just a great little story – has nothing to do with Bonnie Mohr Studio, but rather our dairy farm – Glenmark Genetics, Inc.  For those of you who know about life on a dairy farm, you understand the pains of dealing with the frigid outdoor temps in MN each winter, and getting the outside work done in this cold weather.  You also know that on a dairy farm, the manure has to be hauled or cleaned daily, and the problems that... Read More
January 11th, 2013
Happy National Milk Day! Did you know that it was on Jan. 11, 1878, when milk was delivered to customers in bottles for the first time? Throughout the world, there are more than 6 billion consumers of milk and milk products. Over 750 million people live within dairy farming households. Milk is a key contributor to improving nutrition and food security, particularly in developing countries. So drink up and celebrate National Milk Day!... Read More
January 8th, 2013
Grandma Moses This is amazing – sitting here writing my 100th blog. Seems like an occasion to celebrate – hey, I’m still in business! It’s Monday night – 11 p.m. and I’m feeling tired – so I’m a little stymied about what one should write about on their 100th blog. I know this will sound absurd – but the thing that comes to my mind when I think of 100, is – what will my life be like when I am 100 years old?....what will I look... Read More
January 3rd, 2013
Happy New Year – and Welcome to 2013!  At the beginning of January, every year - without fail, I feel astonished that it is a new year.  The fact that 365 days have fleeted away so quickly...and I find myself quietly reflecting on all the events that have come and gone during these past 12 months.  Feelings of both happiness and disappointment fill my mind as I recall some of the various events that have passed by and are now a memory... Read More
December 14th, 2012
Winter has arrived, and with a capital "W." Twelve inches of snow fell this past weekend, and shut down a good share of southern MN for Sunday.  We made it to church, and were homebound for the rest of the day.  There is a strange calm that accompanies a snowstorm, especially if you are tucked indoors.  The world seems to slow down for the day, and the pace changes a bit.  I found myself getting back into my comfy checkered pajama... Read More
December 10th, 2012
Hello Bonnie Mohr fans! Alyssa here again. For those of you who do not know me — I am the "social media gal" for Bonnie and her studio, so my job is to help Bonnie with her Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. and this week, I'm taking over her blog ;) The following is a description of winter and all of its special moments and feelings. Enjoy! *** There's nothing quite like a winter evening in Minnesota — the stillness of the open fields at... Read More