In The Garden

October 9th, 2013
Not only is it a stunning autumn day here in Minnesota, but as I write, I am also relishing in the feat of getting through my 28th year of World Dairy Expo (WDE) as a commercial exhibitor! I realize I am starting to date myself by mentioning this, but I can still rock n' roll with the best (and younger) of them .... and we did close down the Hoard's Dairyman Commercial Exhibitor Party Reception — AGAIN!! I dedicate this blog to my... Read More
September 5th, 2013
This is my favorite month of the year! First of all – the cooler nights are such a joy. Sleeping with the windows open, digging out your favorite sweatshirt, and burning pumpkin scented candles in the house all add to the fullness of this season – AUTUMN. Oh, and let's not forget FOOTBALL! Everyone in MN is already fully engaged! And even though I am shy to promote my age, it is my birthday month and I have come to learn that the... Read More
August 21st, 2013
I reluctantly look at the calendar today and realize that summer is slipping away, quickly! Each year, about now, I go into my "Wow! I can’t believe summer is almost over!" mind set. Again, I use the word "bittersweet" – With lingering thoughts of the many great summer joys and events we celebrated, comes the anticipation of my most loved season of all – AUTUMN! The signs of summer’s end are everywhere! The oat and wheat fields are... Read More
July 31st, 2013
Ting, TING, Bing, Ting, Pop, Ting, Tang, Bing. What in the world!! Sounds like a modern day rap of the old Rice Krispies commercial — you know the one, SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! Well, anyone who has ever canned pickles knows these "tings" and "bings" are music to your ears, as each jar takes its turn to be heard. One at a time, the jars start to seal. Some are so loud they almost give you a fright, and the next one is the shyest jar of... Read More
July 26th, 2013
This last week in Minnesota has been beautiful — almost perfect even! The sun is high in the blue sky, the breeze is refreshing, the flowers are in full bloom, and temperatures in the 70s .... could we please have this every summer day, Mother Nature? With July rolling out and August moving in, Bonnie Mohr Studio has certainly picked up speed. Not only is the Minnesota State Fair right around the corner, but the Studio is up to... Read More
July 19th, 2013
Dearest Blog Readers, Today is another gorgeous day in sunny Minnesota, and although I should be writing about my painting and what makes me an artist, I'd rather share some of the summer joys of life! These are the days to drink sun-brewed tea, go to the lake, and gorge yourself with homemade peach pie!! If you don't know how to make sun-brewed tea, don't worry — it is so easy, your first-grader could make it! Throw 6 Lipton tea bags... Read More
October 21st, 2012
Fall is truly one of the most beautiful seasons in Minnesota, with the bursts of reds and oranges in the trees and the golden waves of the tall corn in the fields along the horizon. The festive harvest season is underway as combines and wagons move through the fields and fallen leaves crunch under foot wherever I walk. We decorated the house and front porch with an array of pumpkins — red, orange, and even green ones! :) — and orange... Read More
August 31st, 2012
This is always a bittersweet time of year for me...the closing of summer and beginning of fall.  My heart beckons the call of cooler nights, Honey Crisp Apples, and the gorgeous autumn colors – but the lingering thoughts of summer sunshine, casual evenings on the front porch, and going to the lake are seemingly all too quickly coming to an end.  Regardless, the traditions of autumn around our place are unwavering, and as sure as the... Read More
April 11th, 2012
It is a premium spring day here in MN.  I was just summoned to the studio to personalize a print for a customer, and on my way back I couldn't help to laugh at all the birds chirping, and singing, and almost shouting at each other.  Serious, I'm thinking it's a competition.  So many different bird calls all at once.  I also had to gawk at my own front lawn as I passed by....there lay two basketballs, a football, a hockey stick, a... Read More
March 30th, 2012
  There is nothing quite like the arrival of Spring. Truly, one of my favorite moments in life, is seeing the first robin.   Those orange-breasted birds bring great news to the year—Spring is here! It’s such a beautiful season, with the infinite shades of green in the yard and across the road in the woods and by the river. Everything just “popped” this year with our early March rains!  The “newness” of Spring is like an... Read More
October 19th, 2010
I’m starting to believe, there is no more beautiful color than orange!  It’s funny that this is the one color I hated as a child.  Maybe it’s the time of year, but my heart delights in this fabulous earthy hue.  From pumpkins and  leaves to bittersweet…it is my ‘pick’ without doubt.  Not surprising then, I suppose, I have some awesome ideas for a couple of ‘autumn – pumpkin’ paintings….just as soon as I finish the assignment paintings... Read More
August 17th, 2010
Embracing August!  I would have to admit that this month is filled with more ‘hustle and bustle’ around our place than December!  This week is our county fair.  Our yard looks like a parade of sorts with each kid leading their animal in a different direction, cattle trotting to and from the ‘wash rack’, tractors and wagons delivering loads of hay and straw, and my own employees racing around the studio to pack for State Fair.  And just... Read More
August 10th, 2010
  The duties of August fill our lives!  This is the month of the year that implores our time and attention for the many events that we have been preparing for since May!  The garden, the crops, and the fair take center stage around our place.  We spent the weekend picking tomatoes, cucumbers, and yes more green beans! Some of the cucumbers were sliced and diced and already eaten, while other were packed into jars and are transforming... Read More
August 5th, 2010
Steamy and Hot! These are the DAYS OF OUR LIVES here in Minnesota! Record temps and high humidity have the corn growing like crazy, the pools are filled of kids, and everyone is getting a wonderful dose of summer! The months are passing me by like I was standing still. August is now on the calendar and there are still ‘mountains to be moved’ before the MN State Fair and the start of school. So, I guess I better type faster, paint... Read More
June 16th, 2010
"Well, truth be known, it was actually June 15th when we took this picture - still is the promising look of a great crop!" Knee high corn by the 4th of June - can you believe it! For those of you who don’t know ‘farm talk’….it is tradition that if you have knee high corn by the 4th of July - things are look’in good! Well, due to great weather, lots of rain, and an early spring….we really do have knee high corn already! Things are ‘... Read More
November 9th, 2009
I could hardly wait to sit down this morning and write this blog. It is one of the moments in your life when emotions of pride, happiness, and excitement melt together for an explosion of WOW – OMG,... It was the weekend our 11 year old son got his first deer! Now, I could never ever shoot something so beautiful, but I understand all the reasons there is such a thing as ‘deer hunting’. John and the boys had come home empty handed on... Read More
August 19th, 2009
Things are in high gear around here!! It’s a beautiful sunny 75 degrees today, the barn is getting roofed, the trailer just left for the county fair and I’m running around trying to be a good mom rushing to finish a painting before state fair like a chicken with my head chopped off! (I told my kids the story of butchering chickens when we were kids, and that they really do that – “seriously mom – are you kidding!”) AROUND THE STUDIO... Read More