December 30th, 2015
I'm not sure why the week of 'in between Christmas and New Years' is both joyful and unsettling to me all at the same time. But it is. Every year.  It feels like both the moment of judgment day and the exhilaration of the first day of school, all rolled into one. Like sweet and salty. Like the 'churn up' and the 'flight down' of a rollercoaster.  Like the calm before the storm. Unless you are wandering completely aimlessly through life... Read More
December 23rd, 2015
The Greatest Gift Of All by Bonnie Mohr Nestled in the comfort of barns, all across rural America, animals are nestled in the warmth of each other during this winter time of the year. I can't help but to think about how it was on that holy night, so many years ago, when baby Jesus entered the world, also in a barn - and the warmth of the animals comforted Him and Mary and Joseph. This painting, "The Greatest Gift of All" hangs in my... Read More
December 17th, 2015
December 17!!  One week from today is Christmas Eve Day - "No Way" I keep telling myself -  "Way, way, wait a minute - yes it's true!"  It's that time of the year I lose my head from spinning in every which direction and my list is so long it is choking me as I spin - you know what I mean - you're in the same boat I am, aren't you?!  No matter what, it is still that magical time of the year, when final Christmas preparations are being... Read More
December 9th, 2015
As I awoke this morning, my tired body and brain resisted the screaming alarm, but with a long list of things TO DO today dancing in my head, I threw back the covers and jumped out of bed like a fire drill! The beauty of adrenaline is that there is no turning back - I quickly dressed and b-lined into my new day.  The thing about December is, a person really could lose their mind! The list is long and the days are short.  Amidst the... Read More
December 2nd, 2015
Santa's Lead by Bonnie Mohr It's the most wonderful time of the year! Congratulations to Kristen Fagundes from California, she is the lucky winner of a framed Bonnie Mohr print of her choice, valued up to $250 from our recent online sale opportunity. Oh what fun to give - we hope you will enjoy your new print and find a treasured spot in your home for your new art print! Next - I would cordially like to invite you to our next Holiday... Read More
November 25th, 2015
The Home Place by Bonnie Mohr It's the day before Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year!  There is a magic in this special time of the year - without even trying, it is a time of reflection and gratitude.  The crops have now been harvested, we are thankful. No one got hurt during the fall harvest, we are thankful. The kids continue to grow and thrive, we are thankful (bonus* Jake pulled out a C+ in Spanish, I am super thankful... Read More
November 18th, 2015
We are ready FOR OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!  The packing boxes are stacked to the ceiling, the tape guns are loaded, and the shelves are stocked with the perfect prints and cards for all your gift giving this holiday season!  This Friday, shop Bonnie Mohr Studio for anything and everything your heart desires and receive 25% off! That's right, for 24 hours, or 1440 minutes.....you will receive 25% off your entire order - no codes, no... Read More
November 11th, 2015
Face to Face Autumn by Bonnie Mohr I don't ever remember mowing the lawn in November!! We have yet to have a killing frost in MN - what a beautiful autumn we have had and continue to enjoy ;) This means that yes...we are still mowing lawn, raking leaves, digging the carrots out of the garden, and putting up Christmas decorations all at the same time - no wonder I am confused! Throw into this mix that it is deer hunting season around... Read More
November 4th, 2015
Tic-Toc it's time to rock! Come one, come all - we are so excited about all the new art and giftware at Bonnie Mohr Studio!! We are ready to meet and greet you at our Gala Event this weekend - click HERE for full details.  You will find some of the most amazing holiday decor, new gift items, and of course some fabulous new art and Christmas Cards!! There is so much to see, you may want to plan to attend both days.....remember, we will... Read More
October 28th, 2015
Original by Bonnie Mohr, Winter Park What a busy time of the year!! Whoot whoot!! Time to roll up my sleeves and keep myself energized to get through all the excitement and activities coming up! This week the shop is transforming into a festive Holiday atmosphere....loaded with all the new giftware I just brought back from Market! (Remind me to tell you about that shopping frenzy sometime - it really is a test of the survival of the... Read More